Material Baskets

Material Baskets from CIP are designed to withstand rugged environments and provide a safe and easy way of transporting various materials.

Standard Material Baskets

CIP offers a variety of standard designed material only baskets in many configurations.  If you are looking for a simple way of moving your materials, our baskets are ready to meet your needs.

Custom Material Baskets

Need a specialty basket designed around your unique application or needs?  CIP is your manufacturer of choice.  Our skilled designers and engineers can design the perfect material basket solution for you.  We will walk through the design phase and custom manufacture the right basket for the job.

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Check out different material basket designs below.

Suited for your specific needs, baskets can be configured with forklift pockets, drop ramp, drop sides, mesh sides, solid sides, tie downs, lift points (single, dual, quad), gates, and more.

Think Higher. Think CIP.

If your business moves product or materials from one place to another, we have no doubt you will greatly benefit from one of our various material handling products. Take the first step to increasing your business’s safety and efficiency today.

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