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Lift SeriesMax Lift CapacityPlatform SizesLevels ServicedMax Travel HeightCommon Applications for this VRCPhoto
PM Series
Pallet Master Modular VRC
up to 5,000 lbsMin: 4'W x 4'D
Max: 6'W x 6'D
Up to 3up to 36'Our Most Popular Lift! The Modular Design offers quick installation into a variety of uses.PM-Series-100
S Series
Straddle Style
up to 6,000 lbsMin: 4'W x 4'D
Max: 8'W x 8'D
up to 4up to 40'Versatile enough to handle a wide range of possibilities with a 3 ton max load.S-Series-100
C Series
Cantilever Style
up to 5,000 lbsMin: 4'W x 4'D
Max: 7'W x 7'D
up to 4up to 40'Often used when 90 degree load patterns are needed or with low overhead clearanceC-Series-100
FP Series
Four Post
up to 30,000 lbsMin: 6'W x 6'D
Max: 30'W x 30'D
up to 6up to 60'Very large, heavy or bulky loadsFP-Series-100
DM Series
Dual Mast
up to 30,000 lbsMin: 6'W x 6'D
Max: 12'W x 12'D
up to 4up to 40'Large loads with low overhead clearanceDM-Series-100
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Key Features in All CIP Lifts

  • Many safety features including: broken cable brakes, over-travel and slack cable switches, fail-safe electric brakes, interlocking doors that prevent access to the lift carriage while it is in motion, emergency stop buttons and safety signage.
  • Multiple loading and unloading configurations to meet your specific needs.
  • All major components are made from structural grade steel which delivers lasting performance for years to come.
  • Illuminated Push Button Controls
  • Security enclosures to ensure that your lift meets all applicable safety codes.  The enclosures may vary based on the unique specifications for your application; however they are available on all of our lifts and may be required in your area.
  • All-mechanical design, so there is no hydraulic fluid to handle or change out.  Not only does this type of design offer superior performance, quieter operation, and long term cost savings; but it is also more energy efficient as the motors have a minimum 95% efficiency rating.
  • All CIP Lifts meet or exceed ASME B20.1 Safety Standards.
  • Industrial coatings that provide a strong and attractive finish while also ensuring superior corrosion resistance.
  • NEMA rated control panels and UL Labeled Control Boxes.
  • Unmatched quality proven by lifts in continuous operation for over 20 years.

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