PM Series Material Lift Features and Specifications

PM Series Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

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CIP pioneered the modular design that is the hallmark of the PM Series vertical material lift.  Our unique design will reduce installation time by two-thirds or more compared to non-modular VRCs, which leads to a substantial cost savings.  Combined with a host of industry leading safety features, a 100% mechanical drive system, and a lifting capacity of up to 2 and 1/2 tons, it’s no wonder why the PM Series is our most requested lift.

For a fast, economical, safe way to increase your productivity by moving materials and equipment to another level – the PM Series from Custom Industrial Products is your value leader!


Three level PM Series modular material lift shown in a mezzanine through-floor application with standard CIP slate gray color in a “Z” configuration.

5,000 Lbs Lifting Capacity

Vertical Travel up to 36 Feet

Platform sizes from 48" x 48" up to 72" x 72"

Speeds up to 50 feet per minute

Product Features

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General Lift Drawings

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All Mechanical Drive System

CIP offers the safest, most reliable, and ecologically friendly drive in the industry.  There is no hydraulic fluid (a hazardous material items) to be handled or disposed of.  Boasting 95% efficiency, the CIP mechanical drive reduces power consumption when compared to similar units.

Modular Design

The lift is designed, constructed, and shipped in pre-assembled modules.  the pre-assembled modules are easily stacked and attached, greatly simplifying installation.  When combined with the Factory Pre-Wire (option) the modular design cuts installation from days or weeks to hours, providing an exceptional overall value.

Industrial Finish

All CIP paints and coatings are manufactured by a recognized world leader in industrial paints and finishes.  CIP carefully each component to provide a strong attractive finish and superior corrosion resistance.


Constructed from structural grade steel, the steel plate platform is welded on steel tubing with permanent or bolt-on side panels typically covered by 1/2″ expanded metal on all non-operating sides of the carriage.  A snap chain is provided across all operating ends of the carriage.

Control Panel

Modern control design using quality components to provide reliable and durable controls.  The control package offers features not found in the competition such as Advanced Logical Controls and Illuminated Push Button Controls.

Illuminated Push Button Controls

Increase efficiency and reduce downtime by providing operators information on lift location, gate open/closed indication and lift status.  This is especially important when the operator on one level cannot see the gates on other levels.


One NEMA 12 rated control panel.  One NEMA 12 rated illuminated momentary contact push button station at each level / door utilizing a 24 volt control voltage for full call/send/E-Stop control from any level.  The illuminated push buttons notify the operator of carriage location, door open status and faults which can reduce unnecessary downtime.


The control panel is pre-wired and programmed at the factory.  All travel limit switches, safety switches and push button controls supplied carry the UL mark and one or more of the following certifying marks: C-UL, CSA, CE, TUV, VDE.  A qualified controls electrician must perform all on-site electrical work.  All work must comply with local, state, and National Electric Codes.  It is the responsibility of the installer and / or purchaser to ensure proper code compliance.

Over-Travel Switches

Over-Travel is prevented through the use of electric positioning switches.

Broken Cable Brakes

The carriage utilizes two (2) broken cable brakes which prevents the carriage from descending in the unlikely event of a cable failure.

Slack Cable Switches

A slack cable switch disables power to the motor if cable becomes slack on drums.

Overload Circuit

Overload circuit disables power to motor if load capacity becomes exceeded.

Fail-Safe Electric Brake

Fail-Safe electric brake built into the motor secures carriage from descent during power failure.

Door Interlocks

Door electro-mechanical interlocks prevent access to lift when carriage is in motion or at a different level.

Emergency Stop

An Emergency Stop (E-Stop) button is provided on each push button station.


This lift is for the transportation of material only and shall not be utilized in the transportation of personnel.  Signs displaying maximum weight capacity, “For Material Use Only”, and “NO RIDERS” are posted on all accessible sides of the carriage and visible from all operating sides and at each point of access to the carriage.

Drive System

Carriage is lifted and lowered by utilizing a 100% mechanical drive system consisting of a top mounted gear motor (TEFC) coupled with a Cyclo-Drive reducer and fail-safe electric brake.  The Cyclo-Drive reducer has a minimum efficiency rating of 95%.  Vertical lifting forces are transmitted through two (2) wire rope cables connected from two (2) steel drums to the upper section of the carriage assembly.

Lift Footprint – Top View

Exploded Side View

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the load capacity range on the PM Series?

PM Series lifts can range from 1,000 lbs. at the low end up to 5,000 lbs. at the upper limit.  If you have a specification outside of this capacity range, please contact CIP today as we have other models that may fit your specific application.

How much room is needed for installation?

Please ensure you have at least 108″ minimum clearance at the upper level to ensure a proper installation.  The sides will need at least 18″ on top of your platform width, so a 60″ platform width would need 78″ clearance to move throughout the building where the lift will be installed.

What platform sizes are available?

Our unique modular design comes in square sizes at 4′ W x 4’D up to 6′ W x 6′ D.  We also have rectangular options in 12″ increments from 48″ up to 72″, depending on your specific application.  If you need a different size, please contact CIP as we have other models that may suit your needs.

How many operating levels can I have?

The PM Series is capable of operating at up to 3 levels of vertical travel.  For special applications requiring more stops, please contact our Special Projects Division.

How high can these units go?

PM series units are able to travel from 8′ up to 36′ of platform to platform travel.   For special applications requiring more travel height, please contact our Special Projects Division.

How fast is the lift?

Our standard lift speed is 20-25 feet per minute.  We also offer high speed capacity units that can deliver speeds of 50 feet per minute on select models.

What type of power is needed?

208V/1P, 230V/3P or 460/3P is typically required.  If you something other than this, please call us and we may able to find a solution for you.  You must also have a disconnect within ten feet of the control box.

What is the soft-start / soft-stop feature?

To improve the overall safety of the load being transported and to improve the lifespan of your lift, the soft-start / soft-stop feature allows your lift to begin and end is transport cycle at slower speeds, thereby ensuring your materials come in for a nice soft landing at each level.  This feature is only available on certain select models.

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