All CIP cable operated lifts (aka freight elevators) are equipped with broken cable brakes to prevent the carriage from falling in the unlikely event of a cable failure. Mechanical interlocks prevent doors from being opened when the carriage is not present at that level. Dual electric brake motors secure the carriage in the event of a power failure and prevents the platform from drifting.

Standard units have expanded metal platform side panels on all on operating sides and a snap chain across the access sides. Operation is controlled by an Illuminated Call/Send Station mounted next to each door at each level. Each station is also equipped with a large E-Stop button to stop the unit in an emergency.

Guarding around the lift is required to meet ASME B20.1 safety codes. CIP offers metal enclosure panels and gates to meet your application’s requirements. Different options are available for shaft installations. Safety enclosures are built into the structure adding rigidity and enhanced security. These enclosures are manufactured from angle for the framing and covered with 1/2″ expanded metal to reject a 2″ diameter ball as required by code.