Dual Mast (DM) Series Material Lift Features and Specifications

About the CIP Dual Mast Series Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

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CIP’s DM Series Vertical Material Lift is the choice to make for heavy or large loads in a facility with low overheads space. This dual cantilever has the capability of traveling up to 40′ while offering a large platform and weight capacity.  Capable of lifting up to 30,000 pounds the DM can be used where low overhead space is a concern.  The DM series lift can be installed in with overhead clearance as low as 7′.  The top mounted drive system allows for a smaller footprint as compared to other types of lifts.



Four-stop Dual Mast Series lift in a “C” configuration shown from the back of the lift with open panels in the upper rear sections.  This large lift also uses a 5′ tower width for extra stability.

30,000 Lbs Lifting Capacity

Vertical Travel up to 40 Feet

Platform size up to 144" x 144"

Lifting speeds up to 25 feet per minute

Dual Mast Series Features


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All Mechanical Drive System

CIP offers the safest, most reliable, and ecologically friendly drive in the industry.  There is no hydraulic fluid (a hazardous material items) to be handled or disposed of.  Boasting 95% efficiency, the CIP mechanical drive reduces power consumption when compared to similar units.

Dual Mast Cantilever Design

The Dual Mast Series features two motors and four or eight drive chains pulling the lift up and down along two towers.  The advantage to this type of design is that the motor does not have to sit over the top of the lifting platform and therefore is able to be installed with a lower required overhead clearance.  The lower tower section is typically 7′ in height and the other tower sections assembled on site are typically shipped in ten or twelve foot sections, although these may vary based on your specifications.  Our double tower design allows for a large platform, very high travel heights and heavy load capacities. The lift can be loaded and unloaded in a “C” or “Z” pattern.

Industrial Finish

All CIP paints and coatings are manufactured by a recognized world leader in industrial paints and finishes.  CIP carefully each component to provide a strong attractive finish and superior corrosion resistance.


Constructed from structural grade steel, the steel plate platform is welded on steel tubing with permanent or bolt-on side panels typically covered by 1/2″ expanded metal on all non-operating sides of the carriage.  A snap chain is provided across all operating ends of the carriage.

Control Panel

Modern control design using quality components to provide reliable and durable controls.  The control package offers features not found in the competition such as Advanced Logical Controls and Illuminated Push Button Controls.

Illuminated Push Button Controls

Increase efficiency and reduce downtime by providing operators information on lift location, gate open/closed indication and lift status.  This is especially important when the operator on one level cannot see the gates on other levels.


One NEMA 12 rated control panel.  One NEMA 12 rated illuminated momentary contact push button station at each level / door utilizing a 24 volt control voltage for full call/send/E-Stop control from any level.  The illuminated push buttons notify the operator of carriage location, door open status and faults which can reduce unnecessary downtime.


The control panel is pre-wired and programmed at the factory.  All travel limit switches, safety switches and push button controls supplied carry the UL mark and one or more of the following certifying marks: C-UL, CSA, CE, TUV, VDE.  A qualified controls electrician must perform all on-site electrical work.  All work must comply with local, state, and National Electric Codes.  It is the responsibility of the installer and / or purchaser to ensure proper code compliance.

Over-Travel Switches

Over-Travel is prevented through the use of electric positioning switches.

Broken Chain Safety Brakes

Prevents the carriage from descending in the unlikely event of a chain failure or slack chain.

Slack Chain Switches

A slack chain switch disables power to the motor if chain becomes slack.

Overload Circuit

Overload circuit disables power to motor if load capacity becomes exceeded.

Fail-Safe Electric Brake

Fail-Safe electric brake built into the motor secures carriage from descent during power failure.

Door Interlocks

Door electro-mechanical interlocks prevent access to lift when carriage is in motion or at a different level.

Emergency Stop

An Emergency Stop (E-Stop) button is provided on each push button station.


This lift is for the transportation of material only and shall not be utilized in the transportation of personnel.  Signs displaying maximum weight capacity, “For Material Use Only”, and “NO RIDERS” are posted on all accessible sides of the carriage and visible from all operating sides and at each point of access to the carriage.

Drive System

Carriage is lifted and lowered by utilizing a 100% mechanical drive system consisting of a top mounted gear motor (TEFC) coupled with a Cyclo-Drive reducer and fail-safe electric brake.  The Cyclo-Drive reducer has a minimum efficiency rating of 95%.  Vertical lifting forces are transmitted through two (2) wire rope cables connected from two (2) steel drums to the upper section of the carriage assembly.

Lower Level of DM Series Freight Elevator

“My experience with CIP’s Sales and Technical Staff was a very good and positive experience.  The lift works great and has been very beneficial to our operations.”

Lynn Hampton

Eastman Chemical Company

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Options on the DM Series Lift

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Soft Start / Soft Stop

Soft-Start / Soft-Stop is a feature that allows your vertical material lift to gently stop and start, saving possible damage to your fragile material.  By installing this technology, it greatly increases the life span of the entire unit which will save you thousands of dollars in repairs, down time, safety mishaps and material damage.  It is an option on all of our vertical material lift units, and it is standard on lifts rated for 4,000 lbs and above.

Interlocks Only For Customer Supplied Doors

CIP provides Gate Interlocks for existing or customized gates. The standard interlocks are configured for double swing gates and include the release solenoids and gate keepers for proper securing of the gates. Other gate configurations are available. The use of electrical and mechanical interlocking devices such as the interlocks available through CIP are required for compliance to ASME B20.1 national standard for this type of equipment.

Spliced Tower Sections

The Lift Tower Sections are separated into smaller, manageable lengths. Spliced Tower Sections are required on units with tall travel heights or units where access to the installation site would prevent moving longer rails into place.  Spliced Tower Sections are required when the length of the rails would present complications in shipping, transporting or erecting the rails as single piece.  Tabs for reassembling the Tower Sections as well as match marks are added to the Tower Sections for accurate installation.  Spliced Tower Sections require additional installation steps as opposed to standard one-piece towers. The Tower Sections are assembled at the site and additional field welding is required for the best installation.

Knock-Down Platforms

The Lift Platform is shipped in multiple pieces for practical shipping and ease of handling during installation, or when access to the installation site is limited.  The Knock-down Platform is required when the lift platform would not be able to be shipped or installed if the lift platform were to be shipped fully assembled. The level of knock-down, number of pieces, is based upon the size of the platform and the access restrictions to the installation site.  A Knock-Down Platform does require additional installation steps as opposed to a standard one-piece platform. The Platform is assembled at the site and requires additional field welding for a proper and safe installation.

Pit or Surface Mounting

The Straddle Series unit can be mounted in a pit dug into the floor that will allow the lift platform to sit flush with the ground floor.  6 inches is the depth required to pit mount an S Series unit.  Conversely, the S Series can also be surface mounted and no pit is required.  If a customer elects to surface mount their unit, an approach ramp will also be recommended in most cases.  For specific information about the dimensions your pit would need to be, consult with your sales professional and your Engineering Approved Drawings.

Ground Level Loading Ramp

Many times, the addition of an approach ramp is an economical alternative to digging a pit for your material lift to sit.  The addition of an approach ramp improves the loading / unloading ergonomics and can be beneficial when working with heavier loads.  On the S Series, the standard approach ramp is the clear width of your platform x 48″ L x 6″ H.

Security Enclosures

Guarding around the lift is required to meet safety codes. CIP offers metal enclosure panels and gates to meet your applications requirements. Different options are available for shaft installations. Safety enclosures are built into the structure adding rigidity and enhanced security. These enclosures are manufactured from angle for the framing and covered with 1/2″ expanded metal to reject a 2″ diameter ball as required by code.

Outside Packages

CIP is able to offer packages designed to meet your specific environmental needs.  Some of the common environmental packages we develop are for those exposed to the elements, salt spray, water, soap, chemicals, clean-room, and food processing.  Ask your sales professional for more information about how CIP can develop the perfect solution to your lifting needs.

Operating Speed Increase

If you need lifting speeds faster than the standard 25 feet / minute, contact your CIP sales professional and ask about our high speed units.

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