Dual Mast (DM) Series Material Lifts

Don’t Just Dream It – Do It with the Dual Mast (DM) Series Material Lift

Do you have materials weighing over 10,000 pounds you need lifted, yet you have have low overhead clearance at your upper level?

If you answered yes, the Dual Mast (DM) Series is the perfect lift for you!

Custom Industrial Products’ DM Series Vertical Mezzanine Lift is the choice to make for heavy or large loads in a facility with low overhead space.  This dual cantilever has the capability of traveling up to 40′ while offering a large platform and weight capacity.  Capable of lifting up to 30,000 pounds, the DM can be used where low overhead space is a concern – overhead clearance is as low as 7′ from the upper floor.  The top mounted drive system allows for a smaller footprint as compared to other lifts.  The platform carriage design allows loading/unloading configurations of “C” or “Z”.


10,000 pound two-stop Dual Mast unit installed with only 8 1/2 feet of overhead clearance at the upper level.  This unit is installed on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

30,000 Lbs Lifting Capacity

Vertical Travel up to 40 Feet

Platform sizes up to 144" x 144"

Speeds up to 25 feet per minute

Key Features


Low Overhead Clearance is No Problem

The DM Series can be installed in spaces with as little as 7′ of overhead clearance.  When you need to lift very large materials and other lifts simply won’t fit, you can count on the DM Series to get the job done – safely, reliably and with repeatable precision.


Perfect for Distribution Centers and Large Warehouses

Our Dual Mast units are frequently used in large distribution centers and warehouses where efficiency and product through-put are of utmost importance.  These lifts will deliver exceptional quality and value while having very minimal downtime, if any at all.


Factory Installation Supervision and Checkout Available

We offer optional factory installation supervision or factory checkout packages where we will supervise competent personnel in the proper way to install the lift to ensure years of headache-free operation.  We will inspect for proper alignment, bracing and operations.  We are not a B20.1 or OSHA inspection entity, but if we see something that falls outside of the rules we will point it out.

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Why is the Dual Mast Series the right lift for me?

CIP’s Dual Mast (DM Series) material lifts use the strength and stability of two cantilever mechanisms working in unison on one platform. They are able to lift very heavy loads to great travel heights, with multiple stops, and up to a 12’ x 12’ platform on standard models. In addition they share the advantage of having a very low overhead requirement for height restricted installations. Special sizes, capacities and travel heights may be available.

These lifts are constructed from structural steel utilizing two (2) 100% duty-cycle brake motors mounted at the top of the unit. The low noise all-mechanical dual-drive system safely transports the carriage and the load with ease by means of four or eight lifting chains.

All CIP chain operated lifts are equipped with broken chain brakes to prevent the carriage from falling in the unlikely event of a chain failure. Mechanical interlocks prevent doors from being opened when the carriage is not present at that level. Electric brake motors secure the carriage in the event of a power failure and prevents the platform from drifting.

The carriage is available in two load pattern configurations: C & Z. Standard units have expanded metal platform side panels on all on operating sides and a snap chain across the access side(s). Operation is controlled by an Illuminated Call/Send Station mounted next to each door at each level. Each station is also equipped with a large E-Stop button to stop the unit in an emergency.

Guarding around the lift is required to meet safety codes. CIP offers metal enclosure panels and gates to meet your application’s requirements. Different options are available for shaft installations. Safety enclosures are built into the structure adding rigidity and enhanced security. These enclosures are manufactured from angle for the framing and covered with 1/2″ expanded metal to reject a 2″ diameter ball as required by code.

Custom Industrial Product’s quality design for the DM Series provides a safe, reliable means for moving material between multiple levels.

“CIP’s lifts go in easier than any other lift; saves time and money on installation.” Jay Bouder

Bouder Mechanical

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