Cantilever (C) Series Material Lifts

Reach New Heights With the Cantilever (C) Series

Do you need to load your unit from one side and offload at a 90° angle?

Does your lift need to go into a pre-existing shaftway?

Have you got limited overhead space at your upper level?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Cantilever (C) Series is the perfect lift for you!

Custom Industrial Products’ C Series Vertical Material Lift is a cantilever style (single tower) design and is popular because of its variety of applications.  It is the “go to” solution for installation areas that have low height restrictions, installing in as little as 84″ of overhead clearance.  C Series lifts have the tallest travel and the smallest overhead requirements of all standard lift types.  The carriage platform of the C Series lift is available in many different sizes and can easily handle small, medium, and large loads.  Its design allows for loading and unloading from the same side (C-Configuration) or from front to rear (Z-Configuration) as well as loading from one side and then unloading to the right or left at a 90° angle.

Cantilever Style C Series Material Lift with 90 degree configuration

90° Configuration on C Series Material Lift

5,000 Lbs Lifting Capacity

Vertical Travel up to 40 Feet

Platform sizes from 48" x 48" up to 84" x 84"

Speeds up to 25 feet per minute

Key Features


Low Overhead Clearance

The C Series is great for low overhead space, where overhead clearance is as low as seven feet (84″) and is most commonly used in warehouses.  The top mounted drive system allows for a smaller footprint as compared to other lifts.


Load and Unload in C, Z or 90 Degrees

The one-sided lifting mechanism of the cantilever style VRC has the capability to effortlessly move your items to upper and lower levels.  The platform carriage design is one of our most versatile by allowing up to three types of loading and unloading configurations:  C, Z or 90°.


Perfect Shaftway Lift

C Series lifts are commonly used where our customers already have an existing shaftway and need a lift with the flexibility to meet the space requirements already in place.  Whether it is for a low overhead clearance or an 90° load/unload pattern that is required, the C Series can get the job done.

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Why is the Cantilever Style C Series the right lift for me?

CIP’s quality design of the Cantilever style material lifts (C Series) provides a reliable means for moving material to a mezzanine or multiple levels/floors. C Series lifts require very little maintenance and have increased longevity over hydraulic lifts.  The 100% duty-cycle brake motor is mounted at the top of the unit and is covered by our 5 year limited warranty. The low noise, all-mechanical drive system safely transports the carriage and the load with ease by using dual or quad lifting chains. All chain operated lifts are equipped with a broken chain brake to prevent the carriage from falling in the unlikely event of a chain failure.

Standard C Series units lift material up to 5,000 lbs to vertical heights up to 40′ on platform sizes up to 7′ x 7′. Special sizes, capacities and travel heights may also be available.  The carriage offers great flexibility in loading/unloading and is available in three load pattern configurations: “C”, “Z” & “90”. Standard platforms have expanded metal platform side panels on all on operating sides and a snap chain across the access side(s).

Mechanical interlocks prevent doors from being opened when the carriage is not present at that level. An electric brake motor secures carriage in the event of a power failure and prevents the platform from drifting.  Guarding around the lift is required to meet safety codes. CIP offers metal enclosure panels and gates to meet your application’s requirements. Different options are available for shaft installations.  Operation is controlled by an Illuminated Call/Send Station mounted next to each door at each level. Each station is also equipped with a large E-Stop button to stop the unit in an emergency.

Custom Industrial Products’ C-Series lifts are the intelligent, safe and flexible way to increase productivity.

“CIP’s lifts go in easier than any other lift; saves time and money on installation.” Jay Bouder

Bouder Mechanical

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