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For more than 25 years, Custom Industrial Products, Inc. has been manufacturing Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) for domestic and international material lifting applications.  CIP is known for our quality engineering, superior system controls, and impressive technical support.  Our highly knowledgeable sales professionals will discuss your application with you and provide a valuable solution to your material lifting needs.  Whether it is your manufacturing plant, distribution center, warehouse or the corner market, CIP has the material lift for you.

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Key Features Included in All CIP Lifts


Safety Signage

All CIP Lifts come with appropriate signage for the load capacity, “Material Use Only” and “NO RIDERS” for each call station and on the lift platform.


Illuminated Push Button Stations

Intuitive Controls always let you know the status of your lift, plus Emergency Stop buttons are included at every station.


Accurate Drawings

Our engineering department will send complete drawings along with measuring guidelines to ensure there are no issues with the installation and use of your lift.


Safety Enclosures

Our state of the art safety features meet or exceed national regulations for ASME B20.1.


Accurate & Instructive Manuals

Not only will this ease your installation, but the helpful guides will be there to smooth any future maintenance issues for you as well.


Substantial Savings

Our lifts will save you tens of thousands of dollars compared to traditional elevators.

Everything You Want to Know About A Material Lift

But Didn’t Know Where to Look

Our guide to material lifts will give you insight on everything you could want to know (and more) about material lifts, ASME B20.1 code, benefits of VRCs and more.  If you’re not quite sure what you are looking for, it’s a great resource to give yourself some foundational knowledge about vertical conveyors and more.

The CIP VRC Family


Pallet Master (PM) Series

CIP pioneered the PM Series Modular Lift.  With pre-built sections and pre-wiring capabilities, these units can be installed in a fraction of the time of non-modular VRCs.  The PM Series delivers the best security and safety for less.


Straddle (S) Series

The S Series Straddle Lift is the most common lift used.  Its simple design is robust, reliable and affordable.  Whether you are transporting small boxes or large palletized loads, the straddle lift will do the job.


Cantilever (C) Series

The C Series Cantilever Lift is most commonly used for low overhead applications or very tall travel heights.  This chain drive lift offers a 90 degree load/unload option and can handle heavy loads.


Four Post (FP) Series

CIP’s FP Series Four Post Lifts are designed for moving large heavy loads.  The capabilities of these lifts are virtually limitless.  The design is scalable to very large platform sizes capable of transporting forklifts, cars, or palletized loads.


Dual Mast (DM) Series

The DM Series Dual Mast Lift is designed for moving large heavy loads where there is low overhead clearance or very tall travel heights.  They excel with loads that are longer than they are deep and are scalable to transport forklifts, cars, or palletized loads.


Custom Lifts

CIP has the experience in designing 1000’s of lifts, so non-standard is a non-problem. CIP’s Special Projects Division can analyze and develop a customized solution for your application. Our team of engineers, application analysts and field technicians work with you to understand your needs and define the best solution for your lifting needs.

Not Sure Which Material Lift Is Right For You?

Let our experts guide you through a lift application analysis to determine the best way to accomplish your lifting needs.

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