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What is a VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor)?

A Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) is a lift that moves materials vertically from one or more levels to another. VRC’s are commonly called material lifts, freight elevators, and industrial lifts. By not carrying passengers, they are covered by a separate safety standard – ASME B20.1 – and are exempt from the national elevator code.

This is many times less costly, both upfront and long term, as compared to having a traditional freight elevator that carries personnel. They vary by size of the platform as well as the height carrying capabilities.

What are Industry Safety Standards?

ANSI/ASME B20.1 Safety Standards for Conveyors were developed to provide a safety guideline for vertical conveyor manufacturers. This code helps ensure quality lifts and personnel protection. To acquire a copy of this safety code, Click Here.

CIP manufactures its vertical material lifts or VRCs to meet or exceed ANSI/ASME B20.1 Safety Standards for Conveyors. For complete compliance to this standard, proper installation is required. This document is for general understandings of VRCs and is not associated with ANSI or ASME.

How long are quotes valid for?

All prices quoted are valid for thirty (30) days from the date of your quotation.

What is the warranty on CIP products?

Custom Industrial Products Incorporated warrants the Material Lift (VRC) for a period of two (2) years on the motor and speed reducer, one (1) year on mechanical parts and ninety (90) days on all other electrical parts from the date of shipment.
The standard PM series motor and speed reducer has a limited five (5) year warranty.
Contact CIP for complete details.

What is the Soft-Start/Soft-Stop Control Option?

These controls allow for smooth acceleration and deceleration at each level. This option is desirable when transporting delicate loads or if the Lift is used in an automated system that requires exact leveling or positioning with the selected level.

What Are the Benefits of Using a VRC?

Safe, easy & fast vertical transportation of materials & products of various sizes & weights

  • Increased productivity while reducing manpower requirements
  • Cost effective to install, operate & maintain as opposed to elevators
  • Long-term performance & reliability
  • Increased safety – Raising and lowering materials between levels is much safer and more efficient utilizing a material lift than using stairs, ladders or forklifts.
Can Personnel Ride Material Lifts?

NO. These Lifts (officially known as VRCs or Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors and are also called Material Lifts, Mezzanine Lifts, Freight Elevators, Freight Lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts) are only for transporting materials and products.  No riders are allowed.

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