Sample Lift Drawings for Architects, Contractors and Installers

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At CIP we not only want you to have the best material lift available in the market, but we also want to ensure that we are the best and easiest manufacturer to work with.  That’s why we will always supply you with our engineered drawings as quickly as possible. We even tell you things to watch for so that you can avoid costly mistakes before they ever happen.  These sample lift drawings will give you an example of what to expect from Custom Industrial Products.  We will deliver the specific drawings for your lift during your ordering process.

Click on the images below to download sample drawings of our modular PM Series Lifts in the most common configurations.  For simplicity’s sake, we are only showing pit mounted units in these drawings as their lift footprint is slightly larger than surface mounted units.  All units are shown in a “C” configuration, however a “Z” configuration is also available.

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4′ W X 4′ L Platform

5′ W X 5′ L Platform

6′ W X 6′ L Platform

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