When it comes to material lifts and other material-handling equipment, proper safety features are crucial. With millions of workplace injuries occurring in 2016 alone, employers must do everything in their power to protect their employees and businesses. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the right equipment to move materials from one level to another.

CIP understands the need for the right safety features, so we’ve put together a list of the top 3 safety features to look for in your material lift or VRC:

1. Safety Enclosures

As required by the ASME B20.1 Safety Standards, your VRC should come with proper safety enclosures. Safety enclosures surround the VRC and prevent outside interference and protect personnel.

Here at CIP, our lifts at minimum feature 8’ high woven wire mesh panels. This prevents personnel or objects greater than 2’’ in diameter from accessing the lift other than during loading or unloading. This method also gives the operator a clear view of the inside of the lift. For even more protection, we also offer full enclosures that surround the lift in its entirety.

2. Door Interlocks

Door interlocks are another essential safety feature. They create a locking system used on the access doors or gates of a VRC to prevent its operation unless all doors are closed. This prevents the opening of the doors or gates unless the VRC carriage is present at the landing or opening.

With this feature, there’s no chance of anyone or anything falling through shafts or openings, particularly while the carriage is in motion.

3. Fail-Safe Mechanisms

All VRCs should be equipped with effective fail-safe mechanisms in the event of systems failure. Make sure your VRC has the following features:
Electric positioning switches – prevent over-travel
Broken cable or chain brakes – prevent the carriage from descending in the event of a cable failure or slack cable
Fail-safe electric brake – built into the motor and secures the carriage from descent during power failure
Overload circuit – disables power to the motor if the load capacity is exceeded

Ask an Expert

VRC safety is important, and the right features will protect your employees, your business, and your investment. If you have any questions on VRC safety, check out our features and options or contact our team today! Our material-lifting experts will be happy to help.

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