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It is important to stress that every situation is different and that the cause of your issue may be unique.  Therefore, it may be impossible to diagnose without having a trained professional inspect your VRC.  However, to assist our customers with some of the simpler troubleshooting problems, we created this guide just for you.  If you are unable to find the solution to your problem after trying these steps, please contact CIP and ask for the Technical Service Department at 800-699-2212.

My lift arrived at the floor, but why can I not get the doors to open?

The lifts require that the call button be pushed a second time once the lift is present at the landing to release the interlock and allow the doors to open.

What does a single flashing light on the call station mean?

A single flashing light on the pushbutton call station indicates that either a door is open on the VRC or the door keeper is not making contact with the door interlock device.  Please ensure all doors are closed and that all keepers are making quality contact.

What does two flashing lights on the call station mean?

Two flashing lights on the call station indicates there is a fault.  You will need to go to the control box for the unit.

How do I identify what is causing a fault?

The easiest way to troubleshoot the problem is to open the control box for your VRC.  Normally located in the upper right hand corner you will find the PLC (Programmable Logics Controller).  Look at the PLC’s inputs and match those inputs to the chart located on the control box door.  Any input on the chart that is marked in heavy black indicates that input should be lit.  If one of those inputs is not lit, that should be the source of your problem.  The specific nomenclature of how to reference your issues should also be right there in the control panel.

Where can I obtain a new copy of my owner’s manual?

If you need a new copy of you’re the owner’s manual specific to your CIP VRC, you should contact CIP directly at 800-699-2212.  For a general owner’s manual for your specific lift series, you can find them in our Download Center.

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