Amperage Requirements

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The following is a list of breakers/over-current requirements for the given voltage, phase, and total horsepower the control panel is built to.  The end user is responsible for supplying a Main Disconnect with the listed minimum rating within ten feet of the control panel location.  These ratings are based on standard lift specifications.  Any special options or features may alter requirements.  Ratings are subject to change without notification.

Intellitroll 3000 Control Panels

For units with more than two levels of travel or that utilize the soft-start / soft-stop feature.

Voltage Phase HP Amps
220-240V 1P Up to 3 HP 30A
230V 3P Up to 3 HP 20A
230V 3P 5 HP 30A
230V 3P 7.5 HP 40A
230V 3P 10 HP 50A
460V 3P Up to 3 HP 10A
460V 3P 5 HP 15A
460V 3P 7.5 HP 25A
460V 3P 10 HP 30A
460V 3P 15 HP 40A
460V 3P 20 HP 50A

Note: Requires Main Disconnect required by others.

Gen 2 Control Panels

For units that do not have the soft-start / soft-stop feature and are only two levels of travel.

Voltage Phase HP Amps
230V 3P Up to 3 HP 10A
460V 3P Up to 3 HP 6A

Note: Requires Main Disconnect and Over-Current protection provided by others.

For any questions regarding the amperage requirements of non-standard units, please contact CIP Technical Support at 800-699-2212.

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