“Buy American.” It’s a phrase we hear constantly from countless politicians, business owners, and even everyday consumers. Aside from simple patriotism, how does buying American-made products help the nation?

  1. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

The most common and perhaps the most important reason to buy American-made products is to create or save American jobs. Between the Great Recession and the increase of imblanced trades between foreign nations, manufacturing jobs have been on the decline since 2015. Buying American-made products supports the growth of American businesses and has the potential to create thousands of high-paying jobs.

2. It’s better for the environment.

Revolutionary technology as well as government regulations and incentives are encouraging US manufacturers to adopt eco-friendly processes.

Furthermore, shipping products overseas leads to higher rates of polution and carbon emission. Therefore, buying American-made products can lead to a significantly reduced carbon footprint over time..

3. It guarantees regulated, safe, and fair working conditions.

Unfortunately, many countries that manufacture goods have little to no regulations protecting their workers. Sweatshops, child labor, and unsafe working conditions are incredibly common in these countries, and the rise in the purchase of foreign goods supports these dangerous and often deadly systems.

American manufacturers are held to a much higher standard, as the government regulates just about every aspect of workers’ rights including minimum wage, fair hours, and operation safety.

4. It promotes American independence.

In the long run, relying on other countries for our manufacturing capabilities, goods, and services may not be wise or sustainable. Choosing American-made goods helps to encourage American independence and prosperity.

5. American products are often higher-quality.

According to Consumer Reports, 60% of people believe that American-made products are higher-quality than foreign-made products. Despite the fact that American-made goods often come with a higher price tag, most consumers are still more than willing to pay a bit more for a better, longer-lasting product.

CIP Lifts: Made in the U.S.A.

Custom Industrial Products is proud to say that our products are made entirely in the U.S.A. By choosing a CIP material lift, you are supporting American manufacturing jobs and a high-quality product that your business can depend on.

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